Friday, July 1, 2016

HeyNeighbor Changes Name To One Garage Over

Greenville, SC – July 1, 2016 – HeyNeighbor announced this week that the company is officially changing its name to One Garage Over.

Founder & CEO, Kristian Pflieger, explains that the new name will reflect the growing focus and vision of the company, adding, “The Company’s name change will help us better identify with future users and their neighbors, giving us a better foundation to expand our brand.”

About One Garage Over

One Garage Over is a community marketplace for users to locate and rent tools, equipment, and other household items from neighbors and friends that may be located just down the street. Unlike traditional brick and mortar rental businesses, One Garage Over connects those who need tools with those who have them within their community and securely handles the rental transaction.


One Garage Over, Inc.
Kristian Pflieger
Founder, CEO