What is One Garage Over?
A website that allows users to rent equipment, tools, and household items in a simple, safe, and secure manner from neighbors and people located nearby.

What items should I rent out?
Tools, equipment, and household goods are the most commonly rented items on One Garage Over. Most people start by renting items they only use a couple times a year and may already be letting close friends borrow. Smaller unique items that aren't found in a typical tool box or in the home are popular as well as larger items, like pressure washers, compressors, generators, and ladders. The larger items typically have higher price points and make it more worthwhile for owners to rent.

Is it Safe?
One Garage Over is designed to offer a safe and secure platform for our users and we are always looking for ways to improve our site. Our platform helps control the rental process by verifying accounts prior to any transaction taking place. This helps ensure your items are returned and also eliminates the need to bring cash when exchanging goods. Ultimately, you have complete control over who borrows your stuff, where you meet, and the prices you set.

How much should I rent my items for?
This is entirely up to you and we encourage you to consider a couple factors like your time, wear and tear on your item, etc.  Typically, we think 10-15% of the original purchase cost is an appropriate starting point but that doesn't work for every item.  Consider what it would cost for someone to rent a similar item from a big box rental shop or even to purchase on their own.

How much does it cost?
Opening an account and listing your items for rent is easy and free.  Once your items are rented, One Garage Over receives a 10% fee of every completed rental transaction.

How do I list an item to rent?
Once you open and verify your account, you can immediately start adding equipment to your account page. All equipment requires a rental price, picture, and replacement cost to post for others to view. The more info you can offer the more likely a user will be willing to rent it. Note: items will not be listed to rent unless you have a Stripe account linked to your profile. This is important because Stripe will be how One Garage Over sends you the money from the transaction.

What is Stripe?
Stripe is the online payment processor that One Garage Over uses to secure transations on our platform. Stripe is quickly becoming one of the largest payment processors and used by many other companies you may be familiar with. A Stripe account is required to post and rent your own items. https://stripe.com/

Is my financial information secure?
All account and financial information is processed securely through Stripe and OneGarageOver does not maintain or store any of your personal financial information.

I requested an item but the owner hasn't responded. What can I do?
Go to the active transaction on your dashboard and send the owner a message through the transaction page. This will send the owner an email and alert them of your message. Should you continue to have problems you may always contact us directly at support@onegarageover.com and we will assist with connecting you to the owner. Should the owner not respond please contact support@onegarageover.com to ensure the transaction is cancelled.

Why is my address required?
The address you provide is used to calculate your location for search purposes. It helps users in your area locate the items you list as well as allows you to find items listed in your area.

What if an item is damaged during the rental?
We understand that things will go wrong from time-to-time. One Garage Over will help with communication between the owner and renter involved to reach a common resolution. As a renter, you are responsible for the item that you are renting and will be responsible for damages caused to the item.

Can I get hurt renting from One Garage Over?
Many of the items listed on One Garage Over can cause harm if not used properly per the manufacturer's instructions. It is the responsibility of the renter to fully understand how to properly operate each item they are renting on One Garage Over.

What happens if someone doesn't show up for a transaction?
Whether a party never showed up for the rental or the timing didn't work for one party involved, One Garage Over will help to reschedule the two parties to meet or will help to refund the entire transaction.